Fagus - Tractor


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The Classic Tractor is part of the unique Fagus wooden toy range. This sturdy natural beech tractor has fully steerable black and red rubber based wheels and is manned by 2 peg figures. The vehicle is steered by the child’s hand with the assistance of its axle mechanism, making it a smooth easy drive, fun on the farm and a superb educational toy for developing fine motor skills.

Measuring 24cm in length, the Classic Tractor can be paired with the Farm Cart, Hay Wagon or any of the wooden trailers equiped with a tow bar.

Fagus hold one of the highest standards for wooden toy vehicles and in the world, making them an heirloom quality toy. Made without the use of screws or staples from sustainable timbers in Germany.

Brand: Fagus

Age Group: preschool 3 to 6

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